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The R10 Student Activities Committee takes care of the needs of 50,000+ student members spread over 1300+ student branches in the Asia-Pacific region (R10) of the IEEE.  The committee conducts regular and special activities for students to improve technical knowledge,  management skills and to enhance networking among members and student branches.

Please visit for more details about the committee. 

Please use this page to participate in:
1) IEEE Region 10 Website Contest 2017
2) IEEE Region 10 Paper Contest
(UG/PG) 2017
3) IEEE Region 10 TAP Project 2017
4) IEEE Region 10 Leadership Summit Project 2017
5) IEEE Region 10 SAC Awards 2017

Please register, login and fill the relevant forms to participate. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

-> RSAC Rajesh Ingle ( or
-> RSR Pasan Pethiyagode (